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Business to business marketing case studies - Our B2B marketing case studies- How we have helped our B2B clients

We re not just a bunch of computer guys who amble in and out. With the new website design, user questions and the answers and commentary sur-rounding them are now captured on a single page. Their filter was adding a design manual tool to their website. Convince and Convert Social Media Consulting and Content Marketing Consulting 6 Surprising B2B Facebook Marketing Case Studies June 25th, 2015 One of our primary activities at the Brian Carter Group is Facebook advertising for clients. Growing a Business with Online Lead Generation OSAM Document Solutions, Inc. HPE does an excellent job linking out to more content so readers who want to dive deeper can find additional content and self-educate. Using dynamic content creation, advertisements are created and placed on the relevant FT. He might be studying hypoxia, so we need to place high in the rankings of those very specific terms.

Edition 10 As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to know what is meant by a product life cycle, understand research is needed to identify the best way of injecting new life into brands products, explain the key components of a SWOT analysis.

It uses the Who, What, When, Where, and How, namely How. And now thatthe competition is catching on to social, she said, the monitoring process shines a light onwhat competitors are talking about and who they are engaging with.

Nick Stamoulis has educated me about SEO and has provided me with a well rounded SEO package, not only does he offer top quality services he also educates his clients and spends the time to explain everything and their SEO pricing is competitive. Although Datanyze is a relatively new company founded in 2012, their customer logos tell buyers, We are trusted by big brands to provide prospecting data at scale.

has four Facebook pages, four Twitter feeds and two LinkedIn accounts. What you want is that the reader understands how your business supported the client the entire way as they searched and found a proper solution. The test campaign delivered better clarity on which channels work and which don t in their chosen German target markets an increase in quality and quantity of web traffic plus an expanded contact universe ready for sales to further prospect. Think of the case study as an expansion of the testimonial. In January 2011, we had sales of 250,000 from just seven events, says President and Co-founder Market research in business Edition 17 This case study focuses on how JD part of JD Sports Fashion PLC, the UK s leading retailer of fashionable sports and leisure wear, uses market research to support and develop its business. According to Webster, this helped the marketing and salesteam reach more high-level in their client organizations then in the past. We ve written about using the and this means testing a hypothesis. And if it s not, we need to know in order to make content more engaging. Corey Savage, CEO, Suncoast Identification Solutions, LLC delivered a 59 increase in our organic web traffic Initially, when we sought out assistance in SEO, we felt the Brick Marketing SEO offering may be too robust for the needs of our website.

Best of all, by paying close attention to the conversations they were having, Pact Coffee were able to create a Twitter engagement strategy that continues to get results. The more provocative the subject line, the better response we get, she said. Having worked on many marketing initiatives over the past 10 years together, Management Mentors has experienced staggering growth.

We re using mobile technology to give customers more information faster, Sum-mervill said.

Notable here was that the target was people who worked at Fortune 1000 companies. Banks, asset management companies, brokerages and insurance compa-nies are heavily regulated, and financial services management generally has been reluctantto explore the Wild West of social.

The devices are used to peer inside small animals to cure diseases andassess the effectiveness and safety of medicines, among other things. That s what the data tells us about B2B Facebook advertising. Edition 6 The case study highlights how a strong brand can aid consumer recognition and add value.

In addition to doing an excellent job, Nick Stamoulis is a pleasure to work with. The key to success, therefore, is a first-hand experience, reality garnished by humor and special effects and a little fiction. The first element in the campaign was an e-mail, Fagan said, using customer testimoni-als. There was a problem, however, said Ken Rygh, the com-pany s marketing manager. This enabled Reed to double down on their efforts, producing and promoting content that their target audience was more likely to engage with. Marketing leads were sent to their sales team based on the campaign instead of properly qualifying the leads. Components of a case study Photo courtesy of Every story has a beginning, middle and end. This allowed their marketing teams to send the right content depending on which of the buying cycle they were in. Kirsty Weston, VP of Client Services, RMA Consulting International planning execution for ERP provider Deltek Deltek was faced with a challenge many global businesses experience how to make sales and product messages work across different territories. Check your spelling or try broadening your search. It highlights how Kraft s forward planning and supporting processes of investment forecast analysis supports its core brands in a fast-changing market place. I couldn t give a stronger recommendation they are simply great!

Nestl eacute respond to such developments li li know about Nestl eacute its size, its products and its worldwide reputation. The team member is also responsible for making sure the brand s reputationis positive, monitoring the sites and looking for any negative commentary, she said.

Nate learned how he could accumulate 5 million of net worth outside his small business. In the age of globalization and the Internet, extending your reach beyond you home market is easier than ever. We also lacked other tools to increase website traffic and ultimately boost revenue.

28How HP Extream s traveling exhibit finds new revenue. For instance, she embeds video links in press releases asmultimedia content, uses them as Twitter fodder and includes links in direct she said and today, she s using the Grow videos on a group of new local sites.

does an excellent job of using hyperlinks to drive interested readers into deep dives, while still getting less technical buyers through the meat and potatoes of the case study without a ton of technical jargon or unneeded complexity.

There are usually at least five to ten ways you could target your prospects.

Nick Stamoulis of Brick Marketing helped us understand what works and why, and helping us maintain our dominant position in the SERPs, despite the markets constant resetting and ever-changing drama. By focusing on keywords that were not only high-volume but also relevant to Management Mentors audience, PMG was about to create the kind of engagement that most companies envy. We do real-time, active listening of social media channels to see whatpeople are saying about Cisco.

We wanted to compete on the same level as the corporate giant. Case Studies 4 Examples of Great B2B Marketing Target Internet Case Studies 4 Examples of Great B2B Marketing The case studies we ve included show how, online promotions, and cultivating social and real-world communities can yield significant B2B marketing success.

Prospects that have active budgets and are ready to buy relatively soon are passeddirectly to the CDW sales team. Have a complete understanding on what goes into making a super B2B case study and also have one prapared reviewd for their own businesses. The podcast included top industry influencers talking about topics such as how to build a successful business with a remote workforce or how to become a great Finally we finish off the case study with results data proving our point.

They did this by taking advantage of social media and SEO. In the past, PMG and Management Mentors came together to work on Regular content creation.

Marketing strategies in business Edition 19 This case study shows how Harrods uses social media as a form of internal communication, a way of engaging with the external environment and as a means of recruitment.

Garden Fresh had more than half a million customers on its email list.

The campaign was very successful, and it resulted in 5,000 views on Slideshare, 125 participants in the webinar, 1,700 new leads and 1 million in business. Enter in the case study, an in-depth analysis that tells a story about a customer and your company. We feel they are not just a consultant, but an integral part of our team.

The company hired B2B for branding, building a Web 2.

Enter your email below to receive news, updates, and promotions Note Already a subscriber? Providing detailed information in a form of case study makes readers understand an article in an effective way. 2, 2011 Chapter 4DIRECT MARKETING 46 BtoB S TOP 50 MARKETING CASE STUDIESDIRECT MARKETING CASE STUDY 1Hi-Tech Snail MailHow AT T boosts direct mail response rateBy Christopher to a 2010 hotel guest index satisfaction study by J.

Or study companies different from yours and apply their tactics to your niche. After a set of teachers and administrators gave your product a try, they fell in love with the convenience and ease of use! Greenhouse increased their subscriber count by 15 per cent in just one month. They tested over 30 ads with custom landing pages. 5 million of pipeline revenue 1 million The value of each marketer in closed revenue 95. BannanWhen Mark Murphy joined the marketing team at Crestline, a company that promotional products to businesses, he immediately jumped into a of the company s email marketing program. More than 40 podcasts have been produced so far, and the show has been named a Top 50 Business Podcast on iTunes and has been featured in the iTunes New Noteworthy section.

We provide comprehensive B2B marketing services in support of the VP Marketing Sales and Marketing Director at this Fremont, Swagelok distributor.

This is not the place to be modest How Nike increased their revenue by 40. Introduction to Writing B2B Case Studies The Mission Medium Entrepreneur, Developer and Student in that order.

That was the challenge facing health insurance company Aetna Inc. Thanks to effective collaboration and their meticulous methodology, our website s manual penalty action was successfully revoked. TechRepublic offers marketers a unique environment because our users have told usthat they want to hear from vendors, Llewellyn said in a statement announcing the siteredesign.

The research was published 100 million times, and it resulted in 100 percent higher engagement on LinkedIn. Latest Research Download a free 54-page report to learn about our latest discoveries based on research with 2,400 consumers. To get to the meat of this formula, ask your client some basic questions about his her experience with your company.

co-branding leveraged to exponentially increase consumer awareness. There are so many clients that are cutting budgets that the can t getout of their office, Randazzo said.

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